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This upload service is secured with 128-bit TLS encryption, meaning the data between your computer and our servers is secure.

SSL Secured

If you are attempting to send us any high risk information (like ePHI), you must take the extra precaution of encrypting the actual files before transmitting them. This will ensure that not only the files are encrypted during transmission, but the files will remain encrypted when on Shawmut's internal network.

Shawmut's Public Key

When uploading, we ask that you check the checkbox so we know this file is encrypted. We'll then ensure the file skips our preflight system and it will alert us that steps need to be taken to decrypt the file before we start working on it.

Not sure how to encrypt a file?

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We recommend reaching out to your customer service representative with any general questions. For technical issues, please contact Shawmut Help Desk.